Sunday, August 26, 2007

Japanese Ranma Javascript games

I was browsing some Japanese sites about Ranma and found these Javascript games.

The games are at this site:

Since I'm assuming the majority of my readers can't read Japanese I'll describe the games:

Game 1: is a wack a mole game. P-chan and Happosai pop up you try and hit the disguised Happosai and not P-chan. The far right is where you pick the difficulty level. Hitting the button on the bottom starts the game.

Game 2: I don't know Japanese well enough to understand the story behind the game completely though I do know it involves Shampoo feeding Ranma Manju (Japanese Cakes) and her eating it as well with the last one rotten. Depending on your choices a certain number of the cakes will be eaten. To win get Shampoo to eat the last one. This game has to be downloaded to your computer. It is saved in LHZ format so you will first have to uncompress it (I used a program called extractnow). You will also have to have Japanese as a language on your computer to read it though you can play it without Japanese on your computer (just make random guess's). To play it you just hit the exe after it has opened. To uninstall it just delete the folder it's in. Picture of the game is at top the of this post.

Game 3: This game needs no instructions its very easy to play. Just don't let the bouncing ball fall off the bottom of the screen. The point of this game is to strip Akane to her undergarments.

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