Friday, October 5, 2007

Ranma quiz

I created a quiz to test peoples knowledge of the Ranma 1/2 manga. It only has 14 questions and was done in a hurry. I originally planned on asking 40 questions and putting more details but something came up and I didn't have the time.

The quiz is here:

I don't particularly like quizzes though because often times they don't give enough information or there can be multiple answers. For instance I recently did a quiz for Ranma 1/2 and only got around 70% which I figure I should have done much better.

The problem I had was that I didn't know whether it was for the manga, anime, or personal interpretation.

For instance one of the questions was:
How many fiancee's does Ranma have?

How am I supposed to answer that? Since I don't know if it is anime or manga? (anime Ranma had the delivery girl fiancee and an unseen one at the end of the episode). Do ones he got rid of count? Like Picollet Cardon. Do self made ones count (Kodachi)? Do Nabiki and Kasumi count since it's technically a Tendo not Akane specific?

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