Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why wasn't Seven of Nine given her own quarters?

Why was Seven of Nine not given her own quarters or had the cargo bay made off limits to regular crew members?

If they wanted her to become an individual, she should have been afforded the right to privacy that all individuals of the crew have. By not giving her quarters they were further alienating her, treating her more like a machine than a person. Even if they couldn't give her quarters to sleep in because the regeneration chamber couldn't fit in a room they could have cordoned off a part of the cargo hold for her own living quarters (even if resources were scare they could have put up some type of divider like a wooden wall or thick curtains) or given her some quarters for her personal use even if she couldn't sleep there. Seven even complained in the season 5 episode the Drone about people walking into the cargo hold unannounced. Even though she complained to the doctor people continued to walk in and out of the cargo bay she lived in freely. While Seven of Nine most likely would have seen it as a waste of materials and not have seen a point in it at the beginning when first freed from the collective it should still have been given to her. She even expresses wanting quarters in later episodes in which she pretends to have them in the holodeck.


Justin and Carissa Griggs said...

Hmm actually I never really thought about it, but I agree. For a captain who prides herself on her human rights, she fubared there!

Unknown said...

I think at the beginning she may have preferred it. ..but this question has crossed my mind too.