Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The above pictures are of Ranma sneaking up on Akane and surprising her (the first one is actually the setup to his surprising her, results are on the page after it - not shown here). This is a tactic Ranma uses quite often in the manga, on many characters(not just Akane), for varying reasons. Most of the time he does it is just to see their reaction, though he has used it in battle as well. No character can consistently prevent Ranma from sneaking up on them, the picture below is of Ranma sneaking up on Cologne.

As the manga progresses he tends to do this more often. This tactic is not used as often as I feel it should be in Ranma fanfiction. There are several fics I've seen where using this tactic would have been both in character and beneficial for Ranma to use but he did not. Fanfiction Ranma prefers frontal assault far more than his manga counterpart who will often use other means.

Ranma doesn't always stealthily approach or just show up faster than the person can react to, he and most of the cast use the much more common ambushing practice of concealing yourself until the opponent passes by. They use this for various purposes - surprise attack most common, information gathering less common but still done. This has varying degree's of success, for example, Gosunkugi's and Kodachi's attempts are not very successful. In fanfiction it is far more common for villains, rather than the protagonists, to use various ambush techniques, even though it would be in character and extremely useful.


Drekal said...

Perhaps they have trouble working it into the story, aside from as a comedic device? The old Bob and George standby.

"I explain my evil plans!"

"Dude, I'm right here."

Anonymous said...

It almost looks as if Ranma can teleport the way he seems to just appear in some of the scenes you posted.

antimatterenergy said...

To the people he does it to, it would appear that way, he is just really good at hiding himself and it is stated several times in the manga that he can move faster than people can see. For an example, in the first volume Nabiki comments that she didn't even see him move when he kicked Kuno.

As to Drekal's comment:
That might be why, but still I think it should show up more often. One of the things he does in combat occasionally is to move his entire body fast enough that it disappears in a blur, then attacks from another angle for example does so to Ryoga during the koi-rod storyline and did so to Herb during the Herb storyline.