Monday, October 27, 2008

Who I'm voting for

I wasn't planning on writing about my political leanings or about the on going presidential race. I don't mind talking about problems of my, and other, societies or social issues but generally prefer to not talk politics. The reason I prefer to not talk politics is because quite often no matter how well I argue my point the other person doesn't care or refuses to see my point of view (That I'm, IMO, not that good of a debater/socially reclusive also factors in).

I will be voting for Obama. I am voting for him because I agree with Obama's plans and voting record more than I do McCain's and think he would make the better president. Though I do not agree with him on everything, just a lot more than his opponent. I bring this up is in the vain and unlikely hope that you, the reader of this (provided you are a US citizen who can vote and is registered to do so), will decide to vote for Obama (the fact that I, a relative nobody, am endorsing Obama is extremely unlikely to sway anyone's vote).

Going by yard signs, like the one pictured above, my street appears to be voting for McCain. I doubt very much that most of the people on my street will be voting for McCain though. Reasons I think that is because people are stealing Obama signs, mine was stolen. The Obama local headquarters (not actually in my city, several miles away) has a very limited supply, only giving one per person, and has no bumper stickers or pins at all. The main reason though is because McCain supporters have been seen going door to door carrying the McCain signs with them to give to home owners. Really I don't think it matters much though since political signs are a minority. The really sad thing is the type of signs on the most houses front lawns are for sale signs, out numbering political signs 4-1.

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