Thursday, October 9, 2008

First experience with computers

I have been using computers for quite a while. My first exposure, that I can recall, was in the fourth grade (though I may have used one in the third). The computers and games were not the newest but they were interesting. I had stayed, on occasion, after school hours to play games like Number Munchers and Oregon Trail (links go to Wikipedia articles about the games). On occasion I like to play old games that I had played in the past. Nostalgia plays a large part in making me remember the games as being better than they were. I hadn't got my own computer until after I graduated from high school but did use the libraries and school computers fairly often.

Number Munchers can be played on or downloaded from several different websites:
Wikipedia article on Number Munchers that has more links than I posted and more info on the game.
PC Gaming - Number Munchers - download and play version
Number Munchers Org - Online JavaScript version of the game
and embedded, at the bottom of this post, is one from (requires Javascript to be on).

More information on and a download of Oregon Trail can be found at Classic Gaming - To play you have to download both the game and the Emulator. Install the emulator and then load the game with it. I didn't play that one in school I played a later version (that version is older than I am).

An Ms-dos version of it can be download from - If you have a version of windows newer than Windows 98 (a Linux, or a Mac) your probably going to have to download an emulator to play this. Dos-box is an emulator that should work.

Feel free to comment on your first computer experience or retro games that you like to still play (I might like them as well).

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