Saturday, October 4, 2008

Five random things on Japan

1. The Japanese space agency is called Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (Dokuritsu-gyōsei-hōjin Uchū Kōkū Kenkyū Kaihatsu Kikō).

2. Japan, like many other countries, is working on a fifth generation fighter plane. It's name is the Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin. ADT-X stands for Advanced Technology Demonstrator - X. Shinshin means one mind. The date for it's release is currently 2016. It's date has been pushed back several time for various reasons. The Japanese have attempted to purchase f-22 from the United States on a few occasions and there is rumors the Lockhead Martin (the company which built the stealth planes for the USA) is in talks with Mitsubishi (the company that built Japanese generation 4.5 plane the Mitsubishi F-2 which is based on the US f-16 acquired in an approved technological transfer and is working on the experimental planes).

3. Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal in Japan. Mobile phones by law have filtering software to prevent looking at porn in Japan. Cell phones in Japan make a loud beep when a picture is taken to help prevent voyeurs from taking pictures without people knowing.

4. Everyone who owns a television in Japan is supposed to have a television licence. The fee is ¥15,490 ( (slightly less if paid by direct debit) and ¥25,520 if you receive satellite broadcasts. There is a separate licence for monochrome TV, and fees are different in Okinawa. The Japanese licence fee pays for the national broadcaster NHK (the public television channel). Even though everyone is supposed to have a licence ,according to a site I saw, it is actually voluntary, there is no penalty for non-payment, and people are legally entitled to stop licensing inspectors from entering their houses.

5. All you can eat buffets are called viking style (vaikingu). This word comes from the English word viking. Even though many of the places advertise all you can eat, most aren't, they have a time limit (like 90 minutes).

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