Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Favorite Restaurant closing

My favorite restaurant Peking Gourmet is closing Saturday. This saddens me. Peking Gourmet is/was a Chinese restaurant I've been going to for awhile now. The price of the food was more than reasonable and they had both a regular menu and a vegetarian menu. My favorite dish was/is Country Style Bean Curd. The people who worked there were friendly and the atmosphere was nice.

I can likely still eat my favorite meal since they are passing their menu over to Szechwan Garden. While I am happy that I will still be able to get the same food including their Tofu Cheesecakes it just isn't the same. I liked the atmosphere and the workers. While I'm sure the other restaurant is good as well. It's just not the same. I liked the atmosphere and people. Another thing of particular annoyance is that it is much farther from me which will cause me to go less often.

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