Friday, January 4, 2008

Ranma Professional Thief

While Ranma does not care very much for material things he has stolen things from others a few times. Steals the dragon whisker soup from the guy who stole it, stole mushroom from Ryoga, stole food from hot spring island owner, etc., and he has made several attempts to steal things for various reasons during the manga for example the magic sword from Kuno, the instant boy water from Shampoo, magic soap from Ryoga, etc.

If Ranma decided to become a professional thief instead of an amateur occasional one what type do you think he would be most often? I realize he would most likely use all the types since he did use all the types in some form in the manga but which style do you think he would prefer if he became a pro thief or was challenged by one?

1. Showy like Lupin (Lupin 3rd) or Kaito kid (Kaito kid/Detective Conan). Ranma is very confident in his abilities and is not adverse to showing off. He could use techniques like the ones in his battle with Mousse in which he blew himself up, his body switching technique (switched with a bear at Miss Hinako's, a log in battle with Herb, a statue to get away from Ryoga, etc.), ventriloquism (one time he faked Akane's voice to mess with Ryoga and another time he faked Ryoga's voice to mess with Akane and Ryoga) and disguises (Ranma uses disguises several times).

2. Seductive like Fujiko - using tactics like dating/seducing/feminine charms to get stuff like how he pretended to be a Jr Highschool girl with a crush on Ryoga to see the Shishihadoken scroll or how he tried to be seductive to get the instant Jusenkyo water from Shampoo and drugging the person (paralysis powder on Shampoo, drugged Kuno's food).

3. Unseen Ninja Like - Using techniques from the umisenken, wall crawling, and other ninja techniques to steal without being seen.

4. Brute force - Straight out stealing the stuff using brute force techniques like the Yamasenken techniques, ki blasts, etc. Over powering or breaking anything in his way and out running any pursuit.

The poll had been up for more than a year now and here are the results:
-45 people voted (or at least 45 were recorded, the poll was not functioning correctly)
- 31% said showy
- 11% said seductive
- 42% said unseen
- 16% said brute force

If you want to, you can leave a comment with your choice, I will read them.

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