Friday, January 4, 2008


I had just recently read an article about sears and k-mart installing spyware on your computer when you visit their sites. The article is here: Sears: Come see the softer side of spyware This does not surprise me in the least bit. Many sites attempt to install spyware or at the least tracking cookies. Spyware is pretty much unavoidable Microsoft Windows does it. It is illegal but big corporations frequently ignore laws when they want to even starting and fighting wars like the banana wars in 1974-1975. Personally I use several spyware and virus detecting programs to protect my computer but every once in awhile one sneaks in. The hardest time I've ever had removing spyware was setting up a laptop for some one else. The computer came with several different trial softwares including spyware. The most difficult of all programs to remove was all traces of AOL. I did it but it took far longer than it should have.

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