Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Japanese built bridge for monkeys

The Japanese have a bridge just for monkeys as the story below taken from Ananova explains.

Japan builds bridge for monkeys

The Japanese government has built a bridge just for monkeys.

The 137-metre suspension bridge across the Unazuki Dam is the latest development in a battle of wits between humans and simians.

Macaques monkeys have been stranded on the human side of the gorge since the dam was built in 2001.

They have taken stealing crops and harassing farmers so the bridge has been built to enable them to return to the other side.

"It's a battle of wits between humans and monkeys. I hope the bridge will stop them coming down to places where humans are living," one resident told the Mainichi Daily News.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has so far spent more than £135,000 on initiatives to keep the monkeys away from crops.

Hisaaki Akaza, 51, a teacher at the Yuho Prefectural High School, came up with the idea of a bridge.

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