Friday, January 4, 2008

Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse

I recently re-watched these two movies. The movies are not all that good. For some reason I like them though. I really don't know why. The story is not original, the character inter action is not that good, and some parts do not make sense. The games are much better than the movies.

I don't really know why I like zombie films to being with. No one else I know likes them. Most are poorly written or formulaic. Sure some are good like Frankenstein and Dawn of the Dead but most are not good. Even before I watch them I know that the movies are going to be bad but I watch them anyways. Something about zombies fascinate me.

Basic summary of the first movie: A mega-corporation is creating genetically engineered virus's and monsters. A vile containing a deadly virus is broken and is spread through out the entire complex via the ventilation system (which is pretty stupid if you think about it, since you'd think that a room that is being used to create or study virus would be self contained and not connected to the entire complex via air ducts). The super computer that controls the complex notices that the virus is released. Seals complex and kills everyone so the virus does not spread. A task force infiltrates the complex to find out why that happened (you'd think they would have been able to interface with the Artificial intelligence via remote but guess not). They shut down the computer (which for some reason did not explain why it did what it did), releasing the zombies. Then basic zombie movie.

Basic summary of second movie: Continuation of first movie. The mega-corporation let zombies out infecting most of the city. Standard zombie film with characters trying to leave the city. More detailed summary's can be found elsewhere.

A few questions that occurred to me while watching:

Why don't the zombies eat other zombies? They are brought back to life via the T-virus with basic motor skills, over powering need to feed, and virtually no intelligence. They are hungry and other zombies are around why don't they eat one another as well as the living? Are they given some instinct that makes them only want to eat the living and the truly dead? Zombies are stupid why don't we ever seem to see them attempt to eat inedible items like sticks or something?

In Resident Evil: Apocalypse there is a scene with them walking through a cemetery and zombies come out of the graves. How is this possible? In the first film they explained that the T-virus brings recently dead cells to life and requires the brain to still have some electrical energy (also used the incorrect myth of hair and nails still growing after you die to explain how its possible). Those beings in the graves have been dead too long for them to be reanimated. Also how did they get infected? The virus is passed on through bodily fluids (started air born but had already passed that stage else everyone would have already been infected) and they are buried under ground well away from any means of passing the virus to them.

How did Nemesis know that 13 were star agents and 1 wasn't? I can understand distinguishing an armed civilian and a non-combatant, but how did it know that the others were STAR personnel. The only way I could conceive this happening is took a good look at there faces or saw there uniforms and compared it to data stored in memory. It couldn't have done that though since it did not get a good look at all of them and later it knew Jill Valentine was a STAR member even though she did not have a uniform on.

I can easily accept some things like a virus that reanimates the dead, a giant corporation getting away with basically anything, a genetically engineered virus that mutates living things, Hollywood science like the bike exploding from a bullet shot through the gas tank, and other things but some things are just to unrealistic or go against established abilities for me to accept like the the above graveyard zombies and the Nemesis monster being able to distinguish the people.

Things I did like about the movies is people messing with things they shouldn't (i.e. Virus's), giant corporation that gets away with basically anything (there are several real life organizations which get away with a lot more than they should and that are more powerful than some countries), and mindless violence (I maybe a non-violent person and promote peace but occasionally I like to watch or play fake violence).

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