Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ranma in Spanish

This site has volumes 1,8,21,23-26,29,36-38 of the Ranma manga in Spanish. It is not that great a translation since it appears to be a translation of VIZ/online fanscan and not from the original source material. Considering that the Spanish language has more gender specific words than the English language does this could have been more like the original (Japanese have a lot of gender specific terms and Shampoo, Cologne, Ranma female side -most of the time Ranma does use the female forms some times like when disguised-, etc., uses the male forms not the female forms). It also has an image gallery, some fan art, some Ranma fanfiction in Spanish, and a doujinshi (only one was on site at the time I wrote this and it is non-hentai which are much rarer and in my opinion preferable to the hentai ones easily found online).

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