Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ranma Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a decent enough source for information. Compared to other encyclopedia's like Britannica it is about as accurate (according to studies I've seen), though it does occasionally have worse grammatical structure and more spelling errors but that would be dependent on the article and contributor. No encyclopedia is perfect, all encyclopedias will have errors. For the Ranma entry, at least the English one, I do not find it to be the best source for basic information on Ranma. I find furinkan.com to be a better source for basic information on plot and characters. Of the languages I've looked at it in the English one is by far the longest (beating out even the Japanese one) and goes into a lot more detail, though in the past it had even more than it currently does (other ones such as the Japanese version have been reduced as well). Most languages only had one page giving the barest basics about Ranma ½.

I realize that I could if I wanted go to wikipedia and attempt to improve it. I'm not going to though. I would be tempted to alter too much. I would also reword quite a bit of it because I think some of the information could be presented better. One of the things I would probably do would be to split the articles into manga and anime. The reason I would do that is because there are differences in characterization of the characters and other differences (see my partial comparison here). I'd also put female form Ranma as separate from male form Ranma for physical abilities.

My view of Ranma likely differs from other peoples interpretation of Ranma ½. People who have read Ranma fanfiction are likely to view it through the lens of fanon. Depending on whether your primary source of Ranma information is based on Manga or Anime there would be differences. There are differences in translations. Many mentioned in earlier posts. Examples:

  1. If your going by English Dub then Kuno quotes Shakespeare which he doesn't in the original Japanese.

  2. If you watched the Hong Kong release of Ranma ½, Shampoo sounds much more intelligent than either the English or Japanese (though she sounds more intelligent in the Japanese then the English as well).

  3. In Manga depending on your source there are differences. In general Ranma is and sounds smarter in the Japanese then he does in the English.

  4. In English versions of manga there are differences as well. The fan-translation and VIZ's have differences, also differences between fan translations. Ranma and others use cuss words in the fan-translations (and original) that they do not in the VIZ.


Fallacies said...

Some time ago, I came across a webpage with a tally of how many times characters in Ranma 1/2 pull large objects out of nowhere and hit people with them in the manga. It was created as part of an effort to prove that Akane wasn't "the most randomly violent" character in the series. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it, and I was wondering if you perhaps came across it?

Fallacies said...

Incidentally, I don't use the Google blogging service, so, if possible, I hope you can forward a reply to my email: hoihoisan@gmail.com