Friday, June 13, 2008


I watched volume one of Animaniacs recently. I remember watching these many years ago and liked some of them. Turns out I still do. The best thing about the show in my opinion was the singing. The songs were often educational and funny. The songs are mostly on YouTube so if you want to watch them you can (worth watching).

I liked the skits with the Animaniacs (though I did find them to be jerks at times), with Pinky and the Brain (though the ones on this volume of Animaniacs really were not as good as later ones or the ones on the Pinky and the Brain show), and Rita and Runt story-lines. Slappy Squirrel, Chicken Boo, Flavio and Marita (The Hip Hippos), and The Goodfeathers were not as good stories. Personally I really, really disliked Buttons and Mindy. I remembered disliking them and I dislike them more now than I did then.

A lot of the humor was aimed at adults and I don't know if it is a good thing or not but I recognized, I think, all the parodies done. One episode I feel like commenting extra on is Guardin' the Garden, featuring Slappy Squirrel (an old cartoon character who often teaches her young nephew how to be a cartoon character). The episode was about the garden of Eden from the bible. I know it is not a serious cartoon but I couldn't help but wonder why the snake didn't have legs and arms. God in the bible didn't make the snake legless until after the snake convinced Eve and Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. There are other things in that and other episodes, I wondered why they decided to go the way they did but that particular one kept me wondering the entire episode since most people should know the story of Adam and Eve and that the snake had feet. The episode was also spreading some more bible fanon (of which there is a lot of way more than say Ranma fanon), the particular one I'm writing about being that the forbidden fruit is an apple. The bible doesn't actually say what fruit it is. For several centuries it was thought to be a pomegranate. A lot of people though think that the forbidden fruit was a fig since it is mentioned that Adam and Eve wore fig leaves. Not that it really matters what the fruit is, since it really is just a metaphor describing an object of desire whose appeal is a direct result of the knowledge that cannot or should not be obtained or is something that someone may want but cannot have.

The wiki for Animaniacs is pretty good and there are quite a few fan sites that give way better info than I did (this is a commentary more so than a review or giving info on it).

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