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Nature of monsters

Since the fic will involve the undead/monsters it is best to establish them before hand.

First off like in the manga there are very few monsters left in the world. Humans being the worst monsters of all wiped almost all of them out (most horrifying books are history books). In the manga, we are told there are few monsters left, a weapon for fighting monsters (bean gun plant) is nearly unknown and little more than a myth because the number of monsters is so low. Supernatural things that still are around keep a low profile for the most part for fear of being exterminated a few don't though but they made friends with the locals or are in obscure places (like the giant jellyfish in the manga). Keeping a low profile makes a lot of sense, if I was a super natural thing I'd keep a low profile just look at real life. During the 16th and 17 century some where between 30,000 and a couple million people were killed for the crime of witch craft, no one knows the exact numbers. People talk about the Salem witch trials but that was far from the worst of it. In Toulouse, four hundred men, women, and children, accused of being witches were slain in a single execution. One judge, Nicholas Remy, who wrote a book on identifying witches boasted to have killed over 800 suspected witches while he served as judge for 16 years. In the Ranmaverse humans have nearly wiped every monster there is but humans. That being the case there is very few monster hunters left in the world, which Ranma is one.

In the manga, Ranma encounters supernatural things fairly often but he also seeks them out (or on occasion they seek him out -the cherry tree spirit for example) and has people call him to deal with them. If you look at the manga it is quite clear that there are very few monsters left. The Musk are 1400 years old but there are very few of them left so few that Cologne thought them extinct. The Phoenix people are a dying race that live in seclusion. Jusenkyo has so few people go there that Taro was able to hunt every person who was listed on the registry in a matter of weeks. The only oni we saw had been trapped for a thousand years.

Supernatural (non human) beings that will be used in fic.
1. Memory ghosts: No will/self thought basically a replay of past events in continuous loop caused by strong emotions/traumatic events imprinting on the area. - fairly common in places that have lots of history.
2. Conscious ghosts: Ghosts that still have their souls and are bound to Earth for some reason or another. Example of this type of ghost is the ghost that wanted her panties stolen in the Manga and the astral form of the old man that went on a date with Ranma. - less common than above type but still most common type of supernatural thing on planet.
3. Other non corporeal beings: Things that never were human and do not have physical bodies. Wide variety of types. Some examples: Beings who generally live in other planes of existence such as the oni (kami, loa), Nature spirits such as the cherry tree that possessed Kuno, etc. Rarely bother with humans and do what ever they damn well want.
4. Zombies: For the purpose of this fic are dead people raised through ritual blood sacrifice. No self will/mindless but obey the being who created it in all things, basically using the life force from the animal/human killed to animate the dead.
5. Vampires: There are a lot of vampire myths I could use. Depending on the myth vampires have different weakness's/strengths/appearances. For the purpose of this fic:
- Vampires are created by other vampires but drinking blood is not enough (if it was there would be too many). To become a vampire, a vampire has to drink from you repeatedly, want you to become a vampire, and share it's blood with you as well. Not always successful sometimes just end up dead, sometimes end up insane.
-All vampires need blood to live but older vampires can go without for longer. Do not have to kill blood donor could take blood from willing people who want to become vampires or obtain blood in other ways. Animal blood works but not as filling as human blood. Favorite food of vampires is black pudding (British English term for sausage made by cooking blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled) but do like other foods like frog sashimi (Japanese dish which is the still beating heart of a frog). Can eat other foods other than blood but get no substance from them.
-Do have reflections and are vain (like many of the older myths have) and look human.
-More than normal human physical abilities (i.e. better senses, stronger, faster)
-Holy objects don't do swat unless it is something like a gris-gris or ofudo which are powered by the Loa/Kami and would work on humans as well.
-Vampires are not evil, but they also are not human. They kill and eat humans but from their point of view it is no worse than humans killing and eating animals. Most of them do not kill humans though because they do not want to be killed.
-Young Vampires can not with stand sunlight at all and sleep in the day. Older vampires can tolerate indirect sunlight and some can withstand being in full sun light for short periods of time.
-Young Vampires can be killed by a wooden or silver stake through the heart, beheading, and being burnt. As they age they grow in power and lose some of the weaknesses/become harder to kill.
-Vampires are enslaved to the vampires that created them unless they gain enough power to free themselves
-All Vampires are regenerative. Drinking blood speeds it up and older vampires heal faster than younger.
-Vampires have mind tricks but get better at them with age. Can enter dreams or hypnotize people and limited telepathy (can project as well as hear loud thoughts but can not alter memories or take thoughts).
-Develop the power to shapeshift as they get older.
-can control some animals (like Kima was capable of controlling crows or how Cologne controlled a shark).

In the fic. Vampires have been hunted to near extinction and are in hiding. Though there are some vampire cults in which people protect, worship, or befriend vampires.

There are other monsters as well but won't be in the fic enough to matter. Monsters are not everywhere and there are also territorial monsters. Vampires for example, are not in Japan. For various reasons but the main reason is that Japan is the domain of the Kami and they do not allow vampires onto their land. They are also limited by their nature, can't live on islands of the equator for a variety of reasons (mainly to sunny). The super natural beings also have to deal with other supernatural beings some of which are territorial. The main reason for territorial monsters is simply so Ranma will not be familiar with native monsters only Asian ones who do not act like the other monsters. Monster hunters that do exist are generally specialists going after monsters that exist in their particular part of the world. Which leads to calling in a monster hunter from another part of the world for help if a monster from another part of the world happens to show up but only if it is doing something bad (most monster hunters only hunt monsters that are doing bad stuff like killing).

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