Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ben Dunn Ranma Connection

Ben Dunn creator of Ninja High School, a pretty good comic book (though I've only seen a few issues), based his comic partially on Takahashi's work. He mostly did it on Urusei Yatsura but there are references on Ranma. The picture above is taken from his book How to Draw Manga. The character looks a lot like Ranma's girl form. It mentions on the page that he recommends that you emulate your favorite manga character. In his works he does have cameo's from shows or manga so if you decide to read one of his comic books (manga style though) be on a look out for them.

I had gotten the book with the intention of drawing my own webcomic of sorts but I can't draw that well. Art was always my worst subject. I could, I suppose, draw a stick figure comic or a cut and paste type but I don't like them as much as actual drawings.

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