Sunday, June 22, 2008

As yet unnamed

I started a fic a few months ago. Even though I started it so long ago it still is just in the planning stages but here is a summary on the fic. I don't want to give too much away, in case I do post some of it. Though the other posts I wrote today give away more of the fic.

Basic story idea: Ranma goes to the United States to assist a US monster hunter who needs help dealing with a Japanese monster who somehow ended up in the USA. The monster hunter has no idea how to fight a Hebi-onna (Japanese snake woman). Was able to determine with the help of a mythology expert at a university that it is a Hebi-onna. Based on methods monster uses in a book. Starts out like a mother for lost children (protective of and feeds them) and then becomes becomes predatory and carnivorous.

Ranma is a monster hunter in the manga (the Tendo's get phone calls to deal with monsters for example during the Orachi arc they get a phone call about monsters in the area). While in the USA, Ranma learns a bit about the supernatural beings that live in the USA and the different methods used by the US hunter of monsters.

Things happen eventually leading to Ranma getting involved in an ongoing battle between a Voodoo Bokor (sorcerer) and a master vampire. With both sides trying to use him to further their own ends. Story does not resolve Ranma's problems instead is a stand alone story similar in nature to Cinderella favor story line in the manga but explores Ranma's character more. A story that features Ranma but doesn't really effect the overall situation he is in much at all.

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