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Easter eggs and hidden frames in Ranma ½

There are a few easter eggs (hidden extra features which are not advertised on the packaging) in the Ranma ½ anime. I'm too lazy and don't really like the anime enough to watch it in search of them (have to pay very close attention). I also don't really like easter eggs. Chances are I'm not going to spend time looking for them or go online to one of the various sites that list them. Some people might like searching for them, but I'm not one of them people.

Here are some that someone else posted on various other websites. Truthfully I do not recall what sites these came from, I had saved these in a text format in case I ever felt like looking for them. If they came from your website or you know what site these came from feel free to comment with a link to the site and please do not take offense that I am posting them without asking. Also if you know of some more hidden frames/easter eggs please post them in the comments.

In Ranma ½: Nihao My Concubine, US version DVD 1 VIZ version, Load up the VIZ Video Information menu and look to the left of the options wheel for a peach you can highlight. Click on the peach to access a scene where Ukyo is replaced by a giant peach, followed by Genma and Ryoga's overreaction.

TV Episodes:

Any episode of the first TV season: During the second little animation
sequence, before the start showing the credits, Ranma is juggling the cursed
animals. When she gets to Genma (panda), he falls on her hard

"I'm a Man! Ranma's Going Back to China!": There's a scene where Ranma is
ranting and raving at Genma. But, to Ranma's disgust, he finds that Genma
has fallen asleep. "You're not even listening to me!!" he screams and
punches Genma's head

"Close Call! The Dance of Death on Ice!": Ranma and Akane make their
entrance on the skating rink. They slip and Akane falls ass-first on
Ranma's head. There's some Japanese onomotopoeia that appears.

"Clash of the Delivery Girls": Genma is describing the story where he
traded Ranma for food. Genma says, "he also threw in some rice and TWO
pickles". Ranma then hits him. Hidden frames and some more Japanese

"This Ol' Gal's The Leader of the Amazon Tribe!: Ranma is chasing
Great-Grandma around. She hits him and some more Japanese onomotpoeia
appears. "Don't teach granny to suck eggs, sonny boy!"

"Enter Mousse! Fist of the White Swan": Just before the fight, Mousse
mistakes some guy for Ranma and Great-Grandma bops him on the head

"Cool Runnings! The Race of the Snowmen!" Ranma-girl is having a showdown
with Great-Grandma and defeats her by using the Neko-ken to destroy
Great-Grandma's ice bear. It's during the third explosion.

"The Abduction of Akane": Mousse is hanging upside down from a tree and
scares Akane. Akane slaps him. More Japanese onomotopoeia but it's also
just funny watching Mousse's face slapped in slow-motion.

"I Love You! My Dear, Dear Ukyou!": Akane and Tsubasa is having a
discussion at a restaurant and Kunou shows up. They both punch him into the
sky. Also, in this episode, Ranma tries to "come on" to Tsubasa and Akane
elbows him in the head.

"Transform! Akane. The Super-Duper Girl": It's not really a hidden scene
but you hve to have a quick eye to catch it. Ranma (girl) throws a giant
ping-pong ball at Akane and chains explode out of it. Akane karate-chops
them to pieces. As they fall, the background moves vertically really fast.
If you slow it down, you can see a cameos of Cherry, Sakura, Ataru, and
Megane from Urusei Yatsura.


"Curse of the Contrary Jewel": At the beginning of the episode, Ranma and
Akane are heading to school. Akane is questioning Ranma about Shampoo when
suddenly, Shampoo pops up on her bike and smashed Ranma's head with it.

"Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix" (Third Movie): Kunou strikes Ranma
on the head with his bokken at the park. Pause here. If you move along a
little more with the frame advance, you can also see their skeletons. Also,
the next morning after Kunou wakes up and Akane is imprinted on the Phoenix,
Ranma decides to take his revenge on Kunou. Lots of stars and planets.

"Oh Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love! Let My Love Be Forever!": Akane socks
Ranma after claiming he didn't see any ghosts. The hidden frame shows up
when he lands on the ground. There's another one when Ukyou is beating up
Kodachi and wraps her arm around her neck. Just after that, Mousse is
proclaiming himself to be the father of Shampoo's children and Shampoo socks
him. Finally, there's the part where Ukyou sees Ryouga after the bath and
she smacks him over the head with her spatula. Just onomotopoeia but its in

"Hell Hath No Fury Like Kasumi Scorned!": Ranma punches Genma to get rid of
the oni. There's also the part where everyone jumps on the priest after he
explains that the oni will leave on its own.

"The Two Akanes - Ranma, Look At Me!": At the well, when Ukyou and Shampoo
confront Akane, they bonk Ranma unconscious. Also, there's the scene where
Ryouga suddenly has a nosebleed after Ranma and Akane walk by.

The Movies:

"Big Trouble in Nekonron, China": At the beginning of the movie, Happosai
gets hit by a car. Then there's the part where Happosai stomps on Ryouga's
head during the big chase scene, followed by Ranma also stomping on Ryouga's
head. Then there's also the part where Akane splashes Ranma and Shampoo
with cold water. There's a shot of Kunou's face as he's punched away by
Ranma. Finally, there's the part where Ranma tells Kirin that Akane's
cooking will kill him and Akane hit Ranma over the head with a mallet.

Some websites that list easter eggs are: which is primarily about them in DVD's and which is more varied including other mediums.

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