Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Online Quizzes

I was bored earlier today, so I went online and did some stupid quizzes. A surprising number of them had multiple choice questions that I could not really answer since all the choices did not apply to me. Here are a few examples:

What is your favorite store to shop for clothes? Unable to answer since, as far as I can recall, I have never bought stuff from the listed stores or am actively boycotting them for one reason or another.

What type of music do you like? I don't particularly care for music and one type is pretty much as good as another to me. I don't generally listen to music unless someone else turned it on, am at a place that is already playing music, or it is background music like that in movies and video games.

What's your drink? It then proceeded to list alcoholic beverages. I don't drink alcohol. I dislike the taste of alcohol and it is in general not good for you (I do realize a cup of wine or two a day can have beneficial effects and that lightly alcoholic drinks are good if you live in an area with poor water quality since the alcohol would kill off bacteria). I've also seen too many violent drunks (really one is too many).

According to the Cadaver Calculator, my dead body is worth only $5125. I wonder how they came up with that figure. I could sell a body for significantly more than that. For a rib and a kidney alone I could get at least $6000 on the black market and depending on whether I can find a buyer directly I could get around $25,000 for just one kidney. Here is a link to a New York Times article on illegal organ trade: THE ORGAN TRADE: A Global Black Market; Tracking the Sale of a Kidney On a Path of Poverty and Hope.

It is somewhat interesting that to find out that I can name more of the countries of the world than I can name colors. I don't even remember hearing some of the colors like Zinnwaldite. I looked it up it is a mineral and a type of brown slightly darker than beige. I also did not think to add dark, Persian, or old before regular colors. I had attempted to list some colors not listed like brick red , which I believe to be a color since I have a crayon labeled brick red. As for the countries I did not think of putting territories like Hong Kong and Puerto Rico because I do not view them as separate countries. They are territories ruled over by other countries (China and USA in the case of those two). I also was incapable of and or misspelled countries names (misspelled Israel several times) and did not know how to spell Lithuania (spell check does know it though).

Would you eat your buddies in a blizzard quiz, asks at one point do you enjoy eating sushi? (Or any other raw meat). Main problem I had with this quiz, besides thinking about cannibalism, is that sushi is not raw fish. Sushi is vinegared rice, usually topped with other ingredients, including fish, various meats, and vegetables. Raw fish is sashimi.

It appears that I don't have all that much chance of surviving a zombie invasion. This is most likely because I live in a heavily urban area (my street alone has well over a 1000 people living on it), have no guns, and no experience using a gun. I do have sharp objects though including a real sword and am stocked up on food.

Geek quiz was difficult. How am I supposed to choose which is better the golden ratio or pi? I chose pi simply because there is a scene in the live action version of Cutey Honey (Japanese Television show) that I really liked in which Cutey Honey stood on her desk and started reciting pi and then they switch to another character (Miki Saotome/Sister Miki) who is also doing so and they do it for many decimal points. By the way that show would crossover with Ranma really, really well. A person with the name Saotome, both Ranma and Cutey Honey like to dress up (Maid, Biker, Waitress, Nurse, Doctor, etc. for Cutey Honey and Ranma has Miko, Nurse, Cheerleader, school girl, Waitress, Hot Spring attendant, etc.), both get into a lot of fights, etc.

One of the questions on the Geek Quiz was: Did you read comic books after age 15? I didn't really start reading them until that age. I read mostly novels and non-fiction prior to that age.

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