Monday, June 23, 2008

Unpopular names and bullying

I was recently browsing the news on the net and came across a study correlating names to criminal activities. It is not really a surprise that regardless of race, the more unique, rare and unpopular the name is, the more likely it is going to show up in youth crime files. Think about it children are mean. They will tease and ridicule you for very little reason. When teased your likely to resent it and retaliate by bullying. Which often leads to more crimes. It's kind of sad really. Supposedly in the USA people regard individuality as a virtue but anyone who expresses individuality is ridiculed and put down.

I don't have a child but am starting to wonder what your supposed to do if your child is being bullied. I've heard teach child self-control, turn the other way, ignore the abuse, and the other person will get tired of trying to annoy him. Which may or may not work. Personally I think this would just lead the bullies to going to greater lengths possibly seriously hurting the child in an attempt to get a reaction.

Report to an adult. Which will cause even more teasing (like being called a tattle-tale). Will likely be used against the child, children aren't stupid, they will use it to further bullying. For example, they will make some lie up and go to the teacher/principal so that your child gets in trouble. A lot of times the adults will be powerless to do anything except detention or something. Which would just anger the bully so that they do something worse the next time. Your child may start relying on others too much and going to them for small insignificant things. Also if you went to adults for help, that would be viewed as being weak that the child can't defend himself.

Tell the child to fight back and your child may eventually become a bully himself. Get in trouble from others like suspensions. Is really only spreading the pain. The child does have to learn to stand up for himself though, cause if he doesn't than will be looked at as weak and an easy target. The only thing that really works is for your child to befriend several other children forming a small pack for protection and companionship. Problem is not every child can and even when they do they may still be bullied by their friends or their friends are bullying other children.

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