Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dan Doh!! The Super Shot

Dan Doh!! is an anime about a fifth grader named Tadamichi Aoba; nicknamed Dandoh by his friends. The anime starts with Dandoh and his two friends playing baseball. Dandoh hits the baseball destroying the principals Bonsai tree. This leads to the principal introducing them to the world of golf. Dandoh and his friends are taught by a former professional golfer named ShinjŨ Mikiyasu, who believes that they can surpass even him. Dandoh begins to play in tournaments, then caddies for a professional player.

This anime is about golf. I'm not much of a sports person. I was and am of the opinion that it is better to play than to watch. I know the rules of most of the common sports. I'm not familiar with the people who play. If I was going to watch a sports game, my choice would not be golf. Watching golf is not very exciting. Having said all that, why did I take out an anime on golf? Simple there was nothing better on the shelves to watch. If you enjoy golf you might like this anime otherwise don't bother. I didn't even finish watching the anime because it was boring.

Some anime/movies with a sports motif, have enough of a secondary plot, humor, or good characters to be worth watching even if you are not interested in the sport. This is not one of them. The characters were boring, the animation was not that good, and it has very little story other than a golf game. I have watched things with a sports motifs that I was not interested in before and ended up liking them. Happy Gilmore staring Adam Sandler is also a movie about golf but it had an ok secondary plot, better characters, and was funny.

The anime starts off like many of the shows/movies with sports in them and is fairly formulaic. Basically someone is discovered to have a talent at the sport while doing something else. That person usually assumes they are in trouble when they are spotted and called out for it. The underdog wins. The good team/person has very good sportsmanship whereas the opponents have terrible sportsmanship, cheat a lot, or are downright evil.

The anime takes golf far to seriously in my opinion. Of course people take things to seriously a lot. Me with Ranma on this blog is one example, many sports fans take their sport too seriously, look at the soccer war of 1969, it may not be the sole cause of it but it kick started it.

I dislike the extant people are often willing to go to win a sport in both the show and real life. This kid had very little experience and yet the other characters were willing to go to great lengths to cheat. One of the characters did not do anything to stop the cheating when he noticed it at first. He did feel guilty and was compelled to eventually do something about it. Other people, in the show and real life, do not feel guilty for their actions. An example in the show is, two boys sexually harassed and bullied a girl to the point that she began to cry just to make her play badly. They showed no guilt for their actions. I don't really know how people can cause others to suffer and not feel guilt. I feel guilt or sympathy for people even when I have nothing to do with it.

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