Monday, June 2, 2008

Superman Doomsday

I recently watched the Superman Doomsday animated movie. Having read the book The Death and Life of Superman by Roger Stern. I was disappointed in this movie. I had not read the actual comic books this was based on, at the time of it's publishing I had very little interest in comic books. Personally I would have preferred it to stick with the source material.

Doomsday is supposedly a weapon of Doomsday. As a Doomsday weapon he sucks. Would make a great front line soldier but as an apocalyptic weapon, not so great. Goes around killing things one at a time. Let's see over 6 billion people on Earth. If Doomsday were to kill 1000 people a day it would take him around 16,500 years to kill every human. That's not taking into account that people reproduce, that he'd also spend time hunting down the countless animals, and that people would actively go out of their way to stay as far from him as they could.

Lex Luther is supposed to be a super genius. In this movie, he came off as an idiot to me. Sure he created a cure for aids and bird flu. His purposely making the cure a life long series of treatments makes sense from a capitalistic point of view. If your goal is to make money curing the diseases is not the way to go. Other than that, just about everything he said and did was stupid.

His logic is flawed. When his people find Doomsday buried and an alien holograpically projects itself and says stuff in an alien language. Luther say that it is a warning and that the only reason an alien race would trap a being and dump it on the planet Earth is becuase they couldn't kill it. Not true. For starters it might not of been a warning at all. It could have been a threat or the alien could have been saying something like "let the games begin". Secondly just becuase you decide to trap and dump something on a planet doesn't mean that you do not have the ability to kill it. There are a lot of other possible reasons to do so. Logically thinking though if you did have the ability to trap something but not the ability to kill it, there are a lot of better ways and places to dump it. They sent it to Earth, when they could have just as easily sent it somewhere else like into a sun, into a black hole, or onto and then into the void between galaxies.

I also found Luther's hitting on Lois to be very stupid. Judging by Lois's past actions he really should have expected Lois to knock him out. I also found it stupid that he kept the Superman clones in the same building as he was in so that it could be easily traced to him. This is particularly stupid since he killed a girl earlier in the story to cover up that he and his people were the ones to find and release Doomsday. One thing he went to quite a bit effort to hide, up to killing the person most loyal to him, and yet the other thing he didn't try to hide/cover up at all. Kept the records of it in his office and did the stuff in the building he was in.

Considering that in the battle versus Doomsday, Superman was going to die. The battle was pretty crappy and Superman's tactics were beyond dumb. The smartest thing he did was to grab Doomsday and take him into space. That should have been one of the first things he should have done since Doomsday can't fly. Slamming Doomsday into the planet is an ok tactic, could have just left him in space though, but considering how much of the Earth's surface is unpopulated his landing spot was very dumb - middle of one of the most populated cities on the planet.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Doomsday in the animated movie was suppose to be a failed doomsday weapon with a large number of flaws that the aliens had been unable to fix.

Why Doomsday was ever placed on Earth never made sense to me in the movie or the comic.